батя; лёха; квинт
Лейн ничего не смыслит в кино, но с детства ненавидит этот банальный приём в каждой второй любовной драме, когда в момент кульминации сюжета мир вокруг двух героев начинает двигаться в слоу-моушене. Эта дешёвая попытка вызвать эмоции всегда казалась ему безумно нелепой и смешной. Ведь в реальной жизни так не бывает.

— Лейн Блумсбери

earl grey

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so have you got the guts? been wondering if your heart's still open and if so i wanna know what time it shuts. simmer down and pucker up. i'm sorry to interrupt it's just i'm constantly on the cusp of trying to kiss you. i don't know if you feel the same as i do... but we could be together, if you wanted to...

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if i told her that i loved you, you'd maybe think there's something wrong. i'm not a man of too many faces — the mask I wear is one. but those who speak know nothing and find out to their cost. like those who curse their luck in too many places and those who fear are lost.

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2018-11-18 00:16:23 - Floyd Fane

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drink up, baby, look at the stars, i'll kiss you again, between the bars. where i'm seeing you there, with your hands in the air waiting to finally be caught. drink up one more time and i'll make you mine, deep you apart, deep in my heart. separate from the rest, where i like you the best and keep the things you forgot.

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there's a maniac out in front of me. got an angel on my shoulder, and mephistopheles. my momma raised me good, momma raised me right. momma said "do what you want, say prayers at night", and i'm saying them, cause i'm so devout. 'til the love runs out

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take your time, take your time to decide if you are mine, teah, i know that it's hard and your eyes the full of dark. take your time, take your time to decide if you are mine, there's a price to it all and we're not forever young...
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